Egbert Jager shares his Top Home Maintenance Tips

Egbert Jager on the No Payne Roofing Podcast

I had the opportunity to be a guest on the No Payne Podcast recently. It was great to share our thoughts on a few roofing disasters. We also talked a little about common exhaust fan venting problems we’ve both seen too much of.

The shingling job with the multiple angles was a design flaw, a framing flaw and a hodgepodge of mediocrity when it came to the shingling.

The flat roof supper was a classic example of an infill project that was done by a crew with not enough training – unlike No Payne Roofing – they don’t do flat roofs (yet) and so I recommend them for shingle jobs right now.

The plumbing vent and dryer vent problems (using both IR and regular pictures) are classic examples. I learned that there are inserts from some plastic goose neck vent manufacturers that would really helpful for repairing some of the things I commonly write up in my reports. Some of these connections are so bad they lead to icicles in the attic, as well as attic rain!

We didn’t get to see enough of the podcast dog in this video but it was a lot of fun!

No Payne Roofing podcast with DHI