Furnace Inspections 101

Furnace Inspection by Egbert Jager B.Sc. RHII’m inspecting the furnace (well OK, the forced-air heating system) from the time I see the chimney (or vent piping) until I’ve taken off the covers and have shown you the maintenance issues that need discussion.

Along the way, I’ve been checking out the heat registers, return air distribution/size/location, air flow, intake vents, clearances, electrical, drip marks, water and drain lines, humidifier, rust… and yes, I probably checked to see if the filter is clean, but that’s just one piece of the story.

No home or system is perfect, and the technology is always changing; but some basic principles are common across technologies, and between different homes.

You’re buying a house, which means you’re buying a job. Lets learn what that job means to you: what’s your maintenance schedule going to be like, what should you look for when you inspect your furnace in the future, and what are the risks I see with the system in front of us.

I want you to know more about this system than the present owner of the home. Because its always more expensive to get it fixed on Christmas Eve than during the summer; but since it’s not …oops… rarely heating season in Calgary in July, it never fails then!

Egbert Jager B.Sc. RHI

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